Relaxation Salon
Kintetsu Nara Shop

Happiness offers shoulder, neck and hand massages, as well as reflexology, which can help relieve fatigue and stress. The store’s theme is “healing of the mind and body,” and its owners focus on creating a high-quality and pleasant atmosphere for customers. They also make and sell their own clothes.
  • Rates range:  10 Minutes: from 980yen
  • business hours: (Mon.〜Thur.・Sun.)10:30〜21:00 (Fri.・Sat.)10:30〜21:30
  • Regular holiday:  Open year-round
  • phone number: 0742-26-1357
  • FAX number: 0742-26-1357
  • Street address:   Maruhachi Bld.2F11 Higashimuki Nakamachi Nara City